Single man, 66, takes bold action to find love erecting billboard to find ‘a good woman’

Single man, 66, takes bold action to find love erecting billboard to find ‘a good woman’

Jim Bays paid for the huge billboard sign to be placed on a busy road in the hopes of finding love after moving to a different area earlier this year for a fresh start

When it comes to finding love, bagging a first date can be the hardest part – especially if you don’t have access to dating apps to help you find someone special.

And while lonely hearts columns in newspapers are still popular, one 66-year-old man from Texas, USA, has come up with a more attention-grabbing way to advertise his availability.

Jim Bays is so determined to find love he paid to have a giant billboard advertisement erected on the side of a Texas highway, which lets everyone driving on the road know he’s in the market for a “good woman”.

The billboard reads: “Wanted: A good woman. 50-55ish. For talks and walks and mutual acts of kindness.”

There’s also a phone number printed at the bottom of the advert which goes to a specially created voicemail box, and a large picture of Jim in a cowboy hat on the left-hand side.

Jim only moved to Texas in June after moving his contractor business from Washington to get a fresh start.

And after starting out his dating journey online, Jim – who has been divorced twice and has fathered five children – knew he needed to try a different approach, as he found that dating apps didn’t present someone’s authentic personality.

He told local news outlet Austonia: “It’s not like when you were in high school and it’s easy to meet somebody.

“How do you meet somebody that’s on the same page? How do you create the number of accidents that need to happen in order for you to meet somebody that you really mix well with?”

The contractor is looking for a partner who can reassure him that he can “get through” the tough times in his life, as well as someone who won’t mind how busy he is.

He added: “I’m busy but we’re not intended to go through life alone. Anybody who doesn’t believe that, all they have to do is listen to that something inside them that constantly seems to be nudging them to go find somebody special.

“I want somebody that has a shoulder where I can just lay my head down or a lap that I can lay my head down. Somebody who says, ‘Don’t worry, you’re going to get through this. It’ll be fine.’ I’d love to find somebody like that.”

And Jim’s billboard seems to be working, as he’s already been on four or five dates and has received two dozen voicemails – but he doesn’t think he’s found the right one just yet.

The man told KXAN he does have one particular dream woman in mind, although she might not be dropping him a voicemail any time soon.

He joked: “Jennifer Aniston’s not bad. I’m kidding … a little bit.”

Ultimately, Jim is just looking for a “kind” woman that he can spend the rest of his life with.

He said: “I’m just looking for a nice woman to spend the rest of my days walking talking and doing kindnesses.”